An efficient way to invest in waste water treatment and industrial use water

Amplio Water Treatment focuses on the market for water treatment, waste water filtration and industrial filtration.
The global market is around $ 60 billion in size. This market includes a few large companies, but the majority of the market consists of small and medium-sized businesses. Our approach to this market is to start from a basic platform, and then by means of acquisitions, grow organically to reach strategic critical mass. 

The initial platform Envirogen Technologies was subsequently expanded through a series of strategic and complementary acquisitions. The result was a single integrated group with global technologies and capacity that is able to compete with the large multinational groups active in this industry.

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Envirogen Technologies, Inc.

Envirogen designs, constructs and implements systems for the treatment of contaminated groundwater, water from industrial processes and air flow from municipal and industrial sources. It provides reliable drinking water sources for many communities, respects environmental standards, and retrieves valuable resources from process streams and industrial wastewater.

Envirogen has developed exclusive procedures, ion exchange techniques, and biological treatments that allow you to effectively, efficiently and quickly clean contaminated water and air.

Founded in 2002, Puresep has a portfolio of over 300 customers, an experienced team of 15 employees and a wide range of water and filtration technologies.
Headquartered in Herefordshire and with a regional office in Lincolnshire, Puresep has customers in several industries including food, pharmaceuticals, paper and chemicals. Customers include some renowned companies including Heineken, Diageo, Britvic, Walkers and Wexport.
Puresep’s products and solutions offer process flexibility and efficiency at a time when the industry is being faced with constantly rising costs, strong competition and more legislation. For the filtration industry, Puresep offers membrane technologies, filtration systems and consumables that significantly increase production. For water treatment, Puresep has state-of-the-art technologies from water supplementation to ultra pure water for critical process applications.
The rapid growth of the company is a result of a philosophy of offering customers a first-class service and cost-effective solutions, equipment, plants and chemicals, as well as 24 hour assistance services, counseling, training and tailor-made service packages to achieve optimum performance.
Puresep is ISO-9001 certified. Approved quality management systems apply to the design, manufacture, supply and service of spare parts and consumables for industrial process equipment.
Environmental Water Systems (UK) Ltd specializes in the design, production, service and supply of water treatment and purification systems and wastewater recovery systems.
EWS (UK) Ltd offers a full range of fully validated ‘turnkey’ packages of equipment, standard water treatment and water purification facilities, waste water treatment and wastewater reclamation, laboratory water purifiers, as well as related parts and consumables.
Our product range for water treatment and purification, developed over the last decade, reflects various markets’ increasing demand for high quality water and purified water.
Our national network of highly qualified and experienced in-house service and installation engineers have many years of product and system design expertise. EWS (UK) Ltd therefore has the ability to handle water, water purification and wastewater recovery.
Fluxa Filtri Spa designs and manufactures industrial filtration systems. The company offers a disposable, usage, sack, basket, magnetic and self-cleaning filters. Also on offer are filter cartridges, compressed air filters and filter separators. The company also provides compressed air and gas filters, such as vacuum pump protection, stainless steel high pressure and vacuum filters for the medical sector; seamless air compressed air dryers, water separators, high-capacity BIO-X autoclaves, OIL-X silencers and mist eliminators and breathing air purifiers. It also offers liquid supply systems, including fluid power filters, contamination solutions for power generation, dry suction and tank space driers and trays; multi-stage development test, water removal, electrostatic contamination removal, dry ion-bonding, and soluble paint removal systems.
The company also offers pre- and post-sales services, workshops, design and pilot services. Its products can be used in various applications for petroleum and gas, chemical and petrochemicals, paints and inks, the iron and steel industry, mechanical industry, energy, laminates, textiles, water treatment, engineering, electronics, food and beverage companies; and for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical sectors. Fluxa Filtri SpA was founded in 1980 and is based in Rho near Milan, in Italy.
BAI was founded in New Jersey in 1991 but before then the management and staff members had already been working in the field of water pollution control in New Jersey for over 25 years. The staff has extensive practical experience in the design, construction, organization and management of water pollution control systems.
Clients include engineering companies, manufacturing companies, landowners, Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) groups at Superfund Sites, authorities and other public agencies.
They offer services in the following types of water pollution control projects: groundwater reclamation (extensive experience in Superfund); industrial wastewater treatment; collection and treatment of waste water; water treatment from atmospheric perturbations; treatment and distribution of drinking water.

Amplio Energy

Amplio develops operations and invests in growing industries operating in the fields of renewable energy

Amplio Wind

Maestrale Green Energy develops, builds and operates a network of wind farms in Italy.