Solar PV Project Expertise

Our Comprehensive Know-how Covers the Whole Value Chain

Amplio PV Monitoring System.

With a very simple and user friendly interface, it is possible to keep monitored the production of single plants or cluster with one click.

Advanced options:

  • Historical data analysis
  • Customizable analytic tools
  • Automatic generated reports

Asset Management in Italy

We currently manage a portfolio of 58 MWp of solar PV plants all over Italy.
Our operational platform is in continuous expansion.
We are actively looking for growth opportunities in secondary market.

Ground Mounted – Fixed
41.3 MW
Ground Mounted – Tracking
41.3 MW
Greenhouse & Solar Barns
11.4 MW

Abruzzo 1.9 MWp

Sicily 2.9 MWp

Lazio 1.6 MWp

Sardinia 5 MWp

Sardinia 2.5 MWp

Lazio 2.7 MWp

  • Significant consolidation opportunity in Italy
  • Attractive yields
  • Existing portfolio provides a solid foundation for growth
  • Capital can be deployed in a short time frame
  • High single-digit dividend profile of 8% with capital deployed
  • Experienced team with proven track record of success

PV Development in Other Markets

We are actively developing solar and green energy projects outside of Italy, and we successfully entered Japanese market in 2013.

We are exploring other booming markets such as Australia, Thailand, Philippines and other countries in South America. We aim to create a pan-Asian Pacific renewable energy platform with a coordinating base in Singapore.

We have formed a strategic partnership with a large industrial conglomerate from Taiwan to jointly develop various renewable energy projects in Asia and Australia.

Energy Storage

An energy storage software package ideal for all types of battery technologies.

Energy Efficiency

We use our in-house software and the best products available in the market.