Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Software & Consulting Service 

Our team of TUV-certified energy managers (EGE, Esperto di Gestione di Energia) offers a complete package of energy efficiency service. We help clients improve energy efficiency and save costs with our advanced software and consulting service.

Our energy audit service complies with the latest Italian and international regulations in energy sector, i.e. UNI/TR 11428, UNI 16247 and ISO 50001.

We use our in-house software and the best products available in the market.

The software package is ideal for many industrial applications:

Tailor-made Total Solution Following Customer’s Needs Every Step of the Way​
  • We work closely with customers from day 1 to build accurate energy consumption profile.
  • We provide periodic reports and updates to clients depending on operation needs.
  • Every client has an assigned and dedicated energy manager for communication and consultation.
Our Unique Energy Efficiency System​
  • Our system is one-of-a-kind in the market as it monitors energy consumption of the site and analyzes the data simultaneously.
  • It presents visible results of energy cost reduction and helps promote energy saving awareness in the organization.
  • It is capable of measuring and managing energy consumption data integrating production process (OEE, KPI).
  • It sends alert signals when energy consumption surpasses the limit and intervenes automatically in real-time.
  • It can forecast energy consumption and plan budget with MCA and neural networks.

Solar PV

Our Comprehensive Know-how Covers the Whole Value Chain

Energy Storage

An energy storage software package ideal for all types of battery technologies.