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Amplio Group's subsidiary Amplio Energy is an international company specializing in the development and management of large-scale renewable energy plants, in particular in the solar sector. The head office of Amplio Energy is in Bologna, Italy. Currently, the company manages photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 58 MW. Amplio also develops concentrated solar systems and aims to supply electricity to industrial customer. Amplio Energy is also able to offer storage solutions for remote plants or TELECOM towers.

In 2013 we used our skills developed in Italy to establish a presence in Japan. The incentives and political will to reduce nuclear power in this country, has helped Amplio Energy to develop a 42 MW plant in the Prefecture of Miyagi. We are currently developing a number of additional plants in Japan for a further 100 MW. In 2017, Amplio Energy also opened an office in Taiwan where we are now aiming for a further 200 MW. We believe that there is an opportunity to create a strategic platform in Asia that could benefit from the current shortage and incentives. There are several Asian markets that do not have any independent renewable energy producers. Lastly, thanks to the strong expected growth, we are now also considering the possibility of a listing in Asia.

The company intends to build a significant presence in this fragmented and growing market, with the goal of reaching a considerable size in each of the sectors in which it operates. The ultimate goal is to establish itself as an international player and, with the help of other international investors, build a solid global platform in the solar sector. Thanks to the low cost involved and the ability to combine this energy with more and more competitive storage solutions, we believe solar energy will become the primary source of energy available in the future.

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