Investing in wind resource that is the main source of renewable energy

Maestrale Green Energy develops, builds and operates a network of wind farms in  Italy.Following the Kyoto treaty and the various CO2 reduction regulations, Italy has had to progressively increase its renewable energy production. Benefiting from these
directives, Maestrale Green Energy has focused on wind power as a practical and
effective way to supply more renewable energy to the national grid.

The operation was established in mid-2005, and was funded and managed mainly by Amplio’s partners. Maestrale Green Energy has developed a number of sites in Italy for a total of 400 MW, implemented over a 3-5 year period.

Since 2005, Maestrale Green Energy has been able to create a strategic value
platform and then the company was sold to Theolia a strategic buyer.

Amplio Energy

Amplio develops operations and invests in growing industries operating in the fields of renewable energy

Amplio Water Treatment

Amplio Water Treatment focuses on the market for water treatment, waste water filtration and industrial filtration.