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Amplio Group specialises in the acquisition and development of businesses with high growth potential or requiring a repositioning following a successful restructuring. Such businesses often arise out of specific growth dynamics in an industry or favorable long-term market conditions.

Amplio Group is active in, emerging and usually fragmented, markets. Amplio Group first establishes a solid base on which to build the company by providing the required capital, solid management capabilities and giving access to a large international network. We actively manage our activities and have access to a significant network of contacts and expertise in a wide range of industries. We also have various sources of institutional capital to foster the growth of our businesses once they have established the initial platforms on which to grow.

Amplio Group operates mainly with a select group of investors who have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to establish a long-term relationship with a group focused on achieving superior performance. Our approach is based on results and long-term partnerships with our investors.

Historically, Amplio Group operated on three continents, starting from Europe but also then expanding into Asia and the United States.

Amplio’s Strengths as Project & Asset Manager

Amplio Energy’s management team has a proven track record in the energy and financial industries, covering the core functions of the whole value chain from project origination to asset management. We are able to perform precise in-house financial and engineering valuations to select the best and most profitable projects.

Amplio monitors and improves the performance of Customer`s operating PV portfolios by applying its technical knowledge and capabilities leveraging on best technologies and active hands-on troubleshooting and redesign.

Amplio Energy has access to a reputable and consolidated proprietary network across different renewable energy sectors and in different countries, in terms of sources of funds, local developers and technology solutions providers.  

60 MW solar PV plants under management. Pipeline of new projects currently under development. Plant performance at upper-range of KPIs.

Scope of Asset Management

Technical Asset

  • Asset Performance/KPI supervision
  • Asset performance/KPI reporting
  • Supervision of O&M provider
  • Supervision of other providers
  • Warranty Administration
  • Interface with UTF/GSE
  • Contract (O&M/PPA/others) negotiation
  • Spare parts assessment and optimization


  • Billing, collections, payments
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Tax preparation/filing / administration
  • Equity/debt financing management
  • Insurance administration
  • Interface with banks, investor, regulators, local authorities, landowners, etc. 
  • SPV representation, PPA administration

Technology (IT)

  • KPI Web Monitoring
  • Variance analysis
  • Forecast and advanced analytics


  • Quality audit/inspection
  • Upgrade and/or revamping assessment
  • Retrofit/Upgrade management
  • Plant redesign

Amplio’s Expertise

Amplio’s in-house technical team has successfully designed a
plant layout that minimizes the land remediation cost and optimizes
the overall plant performance.

Current Operating Portfolio

Grid Parity Solar PV: PPA

PPAs are crucial to ensure SPV`s profitability in a market with increasing electricity prices.

  • Revenues are generated by the sale of electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with top
    trading firms or industrials. No support whatsoever from the Italian government is needed.
  • Electricity prices are forecast as growing significantly as per top international advisories (Pöyry, REF-E).
  • Amplio is working with top national and international traders. The offers received for a long-term
    bank-grade PPA (10 years tenor) with price are in the range of 44-49 €/MWh, (75% of volume, 25%
    floating) depending on the zonal electricity prices.
  • Securing a PPA is crucial under a project finance model as the lender requires a stable revenue stream
    with no exposure to power price changes.