Investing in solar energy development with complementary technologies

Solar PV

Solar and Wind renewable energy.

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An energy storage software package ideal for all types of battery technologies.

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We use our in-house software and the best products available in the market.

Amplio Group’s subsidiary Amplio Energy is an international company specializing in the development and management of large-scale renewable energy plants, particularly in the solar sector. The head office of Amplio Energy is in Bologna, Italy. Currently, the company manages photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 58 MW. Amplio also develops concentrated solar systems and aims to supply electricity to industrial customers. Amplio Energy is also able to offer storage solutions for remote plants or TELECOM towers.

In 2018 we used our skills acquired in Italy to expand our operations and establish a presence in Taiwan where we have a local office and team. We are currently operating 20 MW and developing an additional 200 MW of solar energy. From Taiwan we are looking to establish a larger foothold in South East Asia including Vietnam where we now have active prospects for 300 MW of solar energy developments.

In 2019, Amplio Energy also established a new international headquarters in London and also expanded its presence in Denmark. Currently the Denmark operation is developing 700 MW of which 200 MW are going to be photovoltaic green houses. We are planning start construction on the Denmark portfolio by Q1 2020 with a local office and team.

Finally, during 2019, Amplio Energy having identified the Brazilian renewable energy market as very attractive signed a joint venture agreement with a local partner. This partnership has produced a pipeline of 6 GW of which 3 GW have already received permits and an additional 3 GW is currently in development and will be permitted during 2020. We are expecting significant further growth from this market as the government’s stated policy is in support of renewable energy, solar alone will represent 32% of the power generation capacity by 2040. This is further supported by a thriving corporate and energy trading market with attractive pricing levels. Our target for Brazil is to develop build and operate up to 10 GW of renewable energy assets in partnership with our investors and we see this market as a great opportunity for expansion into Mexico and Argentina.

Amplio energy has become a truly international developer aiming to operate in the long term. Amplio Energy has now become a subsidiary of ReGen Future Capital, a company aiming to develop a wider solution for global warming through reforestation, soil regeneration and plastic solutions.

Amplio Water Treatment

Amplio Water Treatment focuses on the market for water treatment, waste water filtration and industrial filtration.

Amplio Wind

Maestrale Green Energy develops, builds and operates a network of wind farms in Italy.