Amplio Energy

Amplio develops, builds, and operates renewable energy assets in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Amplio Wind

Maestrale Green Energy develops, builds and operates a network of wind farms in Italy.

Amplio Water Treatment

Amplio Water Treatment focuses on the market for water treatment, waste water filtration and industrial filtration.

Amplio Group, your partner of choice for environmentally sustainable investments

Amplio Group is an operator and investor in the areas of alternative fuels, filtration, recycling and environmental services. Amplio Group’s primary purpose is to connect capital with human talent, ultimately aiming at managing global resources with respect and gratitude. Contact us for more information about our investment activities. 

Scope of Asset Management

Technical Asset

  • Asset Performance/KPI supervision 
  • Asset performance/KPI reporting
  • Supervision of O&M provider
  • Supervision of other providers 
  • Warranty Administration
  • Interface with UTF/GSE
  • Contract (O&M/PPA/others) negotiation
  • Spare parts assessment and optimization


  • Billing, collections, payments
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Tax preparation/filing/administration
  • Equity/debt financing management
  • Insurance administration
  • Interface with banks, investor, regulators, local authorities, landowners, etc. 
  • SPV representation, PPA administration

Technology (IT)

  • KPI Web Monitoring
  • Variance analysis
  • Forecast and advanced analytics


  • Quality audit/inspection
  • Upgrade and/or revamping assessment
  • Retrofit/Upgrade management
  • Plant redesign

Renewable energy and environmental services

You can trust Amplio Group’s experience and professionalism when it comes to taking care of your investments in renewables energy. We have been active in the field for many years and have a highly specialized team with proven value and experience.

Let’s discuss your investment goals together.

Ongoing Projects Highlights