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15 January 2016Amplio Group and Ambienta sell Envirogen
26 October 2015 – Amplio Group and Ambienta are pleased to announce the sale of Envirogen Group, formerly Amplio Filtration Group (“Envirogen” or the “Group”), to a syndicate of investors led by UK  fund manager Promethean Investments LLP.  

Envirogen Group, established in 2009 by Riccardo Segat through Amplio Group and Andrea Davi – who acted as CEO - is a leading UK based mid-sized international provider of environmental and process solutions for the treatment of water, wastewater, vapour emissions and material recovery, with operations in Europe and North America. 

Ambienta’s divestment of Envirogen comes four years after its initial €16.1m investment. Acquired through its fund “Ambienta I”, Ambienta invested, supporting the main investor Amplio Group, with the goal to build a scalable international platform in water treatment solutions, focused on well defined high-value verticals. 

Envirogen was transformed from a niche UK player to a pocket multinational SME, establishing a broad blue chip customer base through three strategic acquisitions (both in Europe and in the US), while exploiting geographic and technology cross selling synergies. Envirogen’s business offering has grown to serve multinational corporates in numerous sectors with a core suite of patented and proprietary technology. As a result of these initiatives, Envirogen was transformed from a pure US loss-making water treatment company into a growing platform with an EBITDA of € 6.5ml in 2015, equally distributed between organic growth and contribution from acquisitions. 

Riccardo Segat, founder of Envirogen and CEO of Amplio Group, an holding company investing in growth industries which include energy, alternative fuels, recycling, filtration, environmental services, and specialty healthcare said: “We have been excited to build Envirogen to reach such a platform scale, we are now divesting our water business and refocusing our resources on our energy assets to scale up operation in Japan and also other Asian countries. 

Mauro Roversi, Chief Investment Officer of Ambienta and lead partner on the transaction, commented: “The investment in Envirogen Group represents a well-structured buy and build project in the highly attractive sector of water management and filtration, underpinned by an increasing focus on environmental sustainability. This deal highlights our core capability in going full circle in the investment cycle – from origination to exit.”

Amplio and Ambienta were advised by the UK Industrials team of Altium. 

20 May 2015Envirogen & Suez Environnement Alliance

Envirogen and Suez Environnement Create Collaborative Alliance to Deliver Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Water & Wastewater Solutions to the Power Industry

Offering will combine biological & physical-chemical technologies with process design, engineering and implementation expertise to meet emerging regulatory challenges

Envirogen Technologies, Inc. announced that it has entered into a Collaborative Alliance with Suez Environnement and will work with the environmental technology leader to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions to the power industry in North America. Effective immediately, the two companies will collaborate exclusively to pursue and execute major environmental projects for electrical power generation facilities, with each company contributing proven, proprietary technology and extensive experience in developing high-performing, low lifecycle cost solutions. The Alliance will combine Suez Environnement’s capabilities in physical/chemical treatment technologies with Envirogen’s expertise in biological treatment, but can extend to include the breadth of the technology portfolios of both companies. Near term project targets for the Alliance include groundwater and landfill leachate treatment related to coal combustion residuals (CCRs), and flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment. Both of these areas will be governed by new US Federal regulations coming online in the next 48 months.

According to Richard Reese, President & CEO of Envirogen, it is the breadth and depth of Suez Environnement’s technology as well as the company’s strong presence in the power industry that makes it an ideal collaborator for Envirogen in this Alliance. “Meeting the new regulations for the power industry will require complex, comprehensive solutions with a high level of process-specific expertise and the ability to integrate and deliver systems flawlessly. Suez Environnement is a global leader in water and wastewater equipment solutions with exceptional experience in major projects. Working together, we believe we can deliver end-to-end solutions,” he said. “This Collaborative Alliance will offer a unique opportunity for the power industry. When power companies work with us, they will be working directly with world-class experts in the systems and technologies that are critical to their projects. At the same time, the teams we put together will have hands-on experience in the process design, engineering, installation and operation of these systems. We will provide a new type of resource to the power industry, where we can not only deliver guarantees for performance and asset life of these installations, but where we can do so at lower capital and lifecycle costs than anyone else in the industry,” he added. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revising the Clean Water Act’s EffluentLimitation Guidelines (ELG) for the steam electric power industry that will changehow many power plants manage and treat wastewater in the United States. New regulations that cover flue gas desulfurization wastewater are expected to be implemented for more than 200 U.S coal-burning power plant facilities. It is expected that contaminants such as mercury, arsenic and selenium will be regulated to low levels at these facilities. At the same time, new regulations are being implemented on coal combustion residuals (CCRs), commonly known as Coal Ash, that are disposed of at large surface impoundments and landfills. These residuals contain contaminants like selenium, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. In both cases, treatment will require a range of processes that include both physical/chemical and biological technologies.

Best-in-Class Biological Technology + In-Field Experience Key to Offering

Recent work in the mining industry and significant pilot tests in the power industry have shown that biological treatment is often the highest performing, most reliable and least cost solution in treating selenium, nitrate and other oxyanions that are at the heart of some of the new power industry regulations. Envirogen has a long track record in biological treatment, with numerous installations of its Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology in North America. This track record includes compelling performance and economic advantages in commercial installations and pilot work in treating selenium at coal mines. The ability to reliably remove selenium, other metals and nitrate to very low levels will be critical to helping the power industry meet their regulatory goals as the new FGD and CCR regulations come online.

According to Reese, one of the keys to deploying biological treatment to achieving selenium, nitrate and metals reduction targets in the power industry is integration with a range of pre- and post- treatment processes seamlessly and in a synergistic fashion. “The waste streams that are present in the power industry are incredibly complex and differ from site to site. It’s important that the best technology, tailored in multi-component solutions is brought to bear to meet treatment requirements cost effectively,” he said. “Suez Environnement has an incredibly broad technology portfolio and experience base in the power industry and can help realize the potential of biological technology in these applications. We’re excited to be working with Suez Environnement in this endeavor,” he added.


05 March 2014Envirogen and Inotec Agreement

Envirogen and Inotec enter joint technology development agreement to advance bioreactor performance for water treatment

Work will focus on pairing electro-biochemical and fluidized bed technologies to reduce electron donor requirements and solids generation while improving performance and lowering costs

Envirogen Technologies, Inc. and Inotec, Inc. announced that they have entered into a joint technology development agreement to advance the performance of bioreactors in groundwater, mining water and a broad range of wastewater treatment applications. The initial focus of the development activity will be on reducing the amount of substrate (electron donor) required to successfully operate anoxic bioreactors as well as on minimizing the amount of solids generated during operation. Bioreactor treatment operating costs are among the lowest of any type of water treatment technology on the market today – with electron donor and solids handling representing a significant portion of long-term project costs. Initial targets for technology development will be removal of metals and inorganics such as perchlorate, nitrate, sulfate, selenium, arsenic, mercury and more.

According to Dave Enegess, Senior Vice President for Envirogen, the potential synergies for Envirogen’s fluidized bed reactor (FBR) and Inotec’s electro-biochemical reactor (EBR) technologies can be a boon for companies in need of high-performance, lower cost water treatment. “We’re excited at the opportunity to work with Inotec to advance the state-of-the-art of bioreactor technology. Jack Adams and his team have been at the forefront of bioreactor technology development for decades. The innovation in the EBR technology is apparent and addresses key industry concerns,” he said. “This agreement is another step in our drive to push bioreactor technology to meet new challenges for treatment efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The goal here is first to be able to develop better solutions tailored to groundwater and
wastewater treatment applications in mining, power, chemical and refining facilities – and potentially to develop revolutionary, next-step bioreactor technology,” he continued.

Envirogen’s FBR is a fixed-film bioreactor in which biological media is suspended, or fluidized, within the reactor vessel by the upward flow of water through the system. High concentrations of biomass, its plug-flow characteristics and tall beds minimize bioreactor footprint and shorten retention times. They offer steady-state performance, without the need for backwashing and are tolerant of high feed total dissolved and suspended solids and metals. Inotec’s EBR provides electrons to microbes in reactor environments using low DC voltage potential (1-3 volts) and mA current in configurations that provide an electron density gradient or a controlled electron density. The provided electrons result in increased microbial contaminant transformation kinetics, reduced retention times, and reductions in the amount of nutrients and chemicals required for contaminant removal.

D. Jack Adams, President of Inotec cited Envirogen’s experience in deploying over 60 FBRs for groundwater and wastewater treatment as an indication of the company’s leadership in the field. “The Envirogen team are pioneers in fluidized bed bioreactor technology for water treatment. Development of hybrid bioreactors, like an electro-biochemical fluidized bed reactor technology, holds considerable potential for more economical and more effective water treatment. The FBR process obtains one of the fastest contaminant removal kinetics, while the EBR technology consistently demonstrates metal and inorganics removals to low- and sub-ppb values. We look forward to working with Dave Enegess and the Envirogen team to apply the synergistic benefits of our combined technologies and to continue advancing the science and performance of bioreactor technology."

About Envirogen Technologies, Inc. Headquartered in the Houston suburb of Kingwood, Texas, Envirogen Technologies, Inc. is an environmental technology and process solutions provider that combines experience in water and vapor phase treatment with process development expertise - delivering long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications. A primary focus for Envirogen is the concept of ‘lifecycle performance,’ in which the company provides guaranteed, pay-for-performance, long-term contracts at predictable costs that offer customers the lowest total cost over the lifetime of an equipment installation. Primary applications for Envirogen’s systems include treatment of groundwater for the delivery of high-quality potable water, groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, water re-use, nutrient removal, and odor and VOC control for municipal and industrial markets. In industrial markets such as food and beverage, mining, power, hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing, Envirogen also specializes in process water treatment, byproduct recovery and chemical purification. The company conducts business throughout the United States, with regional offices in Southern California, New Jersey and Tennessee. For more information on the company, visit

About Inotec, Inc.
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, Inotec, Inc. is an environmental engineering and biotechnology company providing innovative solutions to remove metals, inorganics, and organic contaminants from industry waters. Inotec combines source treatment, semi-passive, and bioreactor technologies into site-tailored systems to address a broad spectrum of water treatment issues in a sustainable manner. The company's goal is to combine proven technologies and expertise to deliver the most reliable and economical water treatment solutions for re-use or safe release to the environment. Our objective is to reduce industry costs and environmental impact relative to water use and discharge. For more information on the company, visit
16 December 2013Amplio Energy opens new office in Japan

The Amplio Group, a leading international operator and investor in the renewable energy and
environmental sectors, is pleased to announce that its solar subsidiary, Amplio Energy, has
opened a new office in Japan focused on developing, building and operating solar plants in

Amplio Energy has targeted an initial 30MW in Japan. The Company is currently firming up
the development pipeline and is in discussions with a number of investors and potential
partners to fund the construction and the operation of these plants, with construction starting
in 2014.

Amplio Energy continues to explore expansion opportunities in attractive international
markets and other renewable technologies.

Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO of Amplio Energy, commented: “We continue to leverage our
expertise in other markets and Japan, in particular, has some attractive opportunities. My
previous 10 years experience in this market has helped solidify important relationships with
the right partners, and I believe Amplio Energy is in a strong position to fully utilise its
experience in Italy to build a substantial platform in Japan.”

Riccardo Segat, CEO and Founder of Amplio Group, added: "I am pleased that our
international expansion continues to follow a similar path to our water treatment business. For
us, Japan is a strategic market where we will also look at introducing our energy saving and
storage solutions. The size of the Japanese market, together with significant liquidity and
support from institutional and professional investors looking for the type of assets we are
developing, should deliver a positive future for Amplio Energy and the Group.”
27 June 2013Acquisition of Derwent Water

Derwent Water is acquired to become the industrial division of the Envirogen Water Technologies Group

June 26th 2013, UK - Today, the water treatment and filtration specialist, Envirogen Water Technologies announces that it has acquired the assets of Derwent Water Services and Derwent Water Systems. This latest acquisition substantially enhances Envirogen’s presence in the UK industrial water treatment and filtration market.

Derwent Water has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality water treatment plant, ranging from basic water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment to customer specified complex water treatment solutions. Like Envirogen’s other brand divisions, success at Derwent is due to its flexibility in tailoring its quality products to meet customer requirements and budget.

The Envirogen Group already has Puresep Technologies and Environmental Water Systems (UK) as part of the European Group, alongside Envirogen Technologies Inc in The States. Bringing together these leading water treatment and process filtration organisations means the Envirogen technology and service business model can be broadened and strengthened to target a wider market and to continue to bring to the market place; flexible, efficient and cost effective solutions in a time of tightening budgets and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Like the other divisions, the Derwent Water brand will continue to have a presence under the parent company and legal entity Envirogen Water Technologies.

The Derwent division will be headed up by the thoroughly experienced Envirogen Management team. CEO of European Operations, Vince Payne says “Derwent is a natural fit for Envirogen, both companies believe in developing long-term relationships with customers, focussing on delivering value through innovative technologies, solutions and service. This addition to the group substantially enhances our product offering into the industrial market, providing customers with best value, best choice and best quality in the industry”

Vince Payne goes onto say: “This acquisition combines 21st Century technologies, an experienced team, a solid and broad customer mix, secure income and a robust platform for growth. We look forward to strengthening and consolidating Envirogen’s position in what is one of the most fragmented water markets in the world at a time when demand in the UK is surging as companies have to adhere to ever more strict environmental, economic and regulatory targets.”

Chris Watkins, Owner of Derwent says “This is a great next step for the Derwent Water brand and its customers, giving them access to a wider range of technology and solutions and to one of the largest and experienced in-house service teams in the UK. There is no question that the experience of the Envirogen Management team will ensure that Derwent is well placed to meet the current economic challenges to support our customers”

17 May 2013Envirogen Launches New Technology

Envirogen Launches Sustainable Emissions Control Offering for Managing VOCs, HAPs and Odours in Industrial Facilities

Biological and Enhanced Adsorption Treatment Technologies Deliver High Removal Rates, “Green” Performance and Low Long-Term Operating Costs

15 May 2013, Kingwood, TX – Envirogen Technologies announced the launch of a new technology offering designed to help industrial facilities manage their air emissions performance and meet regulatory and permit requirements through the control of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and odours. The Envirogen Sustainable Emissions Control offering features the use of both biological and enhanced adsorption treatment technologies to address a broad range of contaminants covered under the Clean Air Act and state air quality regulatory programs. Used alone or together, the two technology approach allows Envirogen to treat organic and inorganic, polar and non-polar emission constituents at varying concentrations and air flow rates. These emission control solutions can be an order of magnitude less expensive than those provided by traditional emissions control technologies, while at the same time reducing chemical and energy consumption, providing recycle/re-use options and lowering overall carbon footprint. The initial applications for Envirogen Sustainable Emissions Control will be in refinery and chemical manufacturing facilities, but the solutions are applicable in a broad range of manufacturing environments.

According to Rob Loken, Vice President, Product Management for Envirogen, the Sustainable Emissions Control offering has been designed to help environmental managers and engineers reduce the long-term costs for meeting air quality regulations that can impact the facility permitting process. “Because of tight limits and complex manufacturing processes, meeting today’s air quality regulations often requires remarkably sophisticated technical solutions that can be very costly and difficult to manage,” he said. “With our Sustainable Emissions Control offering, Envirogen is putting our years of experience treating vapor phase streams both biologically and with advanced adsorption technology to work in solutions that are the most sustainable on the market today. When we say sustainable, we mean that they are high
performing, environmentally sound and safe. We also mean that these solutions feature very low longterm operating costs - costs that can be predicted and guaranteed." he added. 

Biological Treatment for Vapor Phase Applications

Envirogen offers a range of biological treatment systems for use in controlling industrial air emissions – including biofilters, biotrickling filters and combinations of the two technologies.  The natural process of biofiltration uses microorganisms fixed to a porous filter bed medium to metabolise pollutants present in an air stream - consuming them as food or as an energy source. The end products of this degradation are typically water vapour, carbon dioxide and mineral salts. Biological treatment is ideally suited for contaminants that are water-soluble, polar and readily biodegradable.  They are particularly effective for low loading applicatins at high flow volumes - including odours caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other reduced sulfur compounds. Biological treatment offer low energy consumption, chemical usage and significantly lower long-term operating costs.

EnviroHPA™ Systems – Advanced adsorption technology

Introduced in November of 2012, Envirogen’s EnviroHPA™ Systems feature ultra-high performing adsorbent media in systems designed, guaranteed and operated by Envirogen under multi-year agreements. As part of the Sustainable Emissions Control offering, EnviroHPA Systems compete effectively with other technologies that handle non-polar compounds at high loading and flow rates. For industrial vapor phase treatment applications, Envirogen employs synthetic adsorbents manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company (DOW). These adsorbents offer a very high surface area and optimized pore size distribution – characteristics that offer substantially increased absorption capacity, rapid adsorption kinetics, a range of desorption options and excellent physical and chemical stability. Faster kinetics and higher contaminant loading translate into higher hydraulic rates with a smaller system footprint – decreasing operations and maintenance costs for the treatment process and lowering initial capital expenditures for overall site improvements and utilities. Enhanced desorption characteristics allow media to be regenerated in place with heat, steam, aqueous acids or bases – leading to an extended media bed life in use. In facilities that use high volumes of activated carbon, EnviroHPA Systems can offer cost reductions of up to 50%, with carbon footprint levels reduced by as much as two-thirds. In addition to these advantages, EnviroHPA Systems offer the option for recycle/re-use because of the desorption properties of the advanced media. 
Envirogen offers EnviroHPA Systems as a service in which system design and installation, media costs, regeneration and disposal are charged as an operating fee over the life of the system. They can be offered with low- to no-capital investment, guaranteed performance and predictable costs over the service life of the installation. 

According to Loken, the complex nature of industrial emissions – which often feature a variety of different types of contaminants with differing regulatory profiles – recommends a tailored solution that applies the best technology for individual and combined emission streams. “Within the realm of emissions control technologies, different approaches have their niche in terms of cost/performance. With our Sustainable Emissions Control offering, we are bringing together two complementary technologies that are more efficient, more cost effective and more sustainable than what is available on the market today. By pairing them, we can extend the applicability of these solutions and fit them into an overall plan for emissions control for an industrial facility. That plan can form the basis of a long-term, cost-effective, sustainable solution for the facility,” he said.

12 April 2013Amplio secures €18m lease financing

Additional Finance secured for Amplio Solar

The Amplio Group (“Amplio”), a leading international operator and investor in the renewable energy and environmental sectors, announces today that its solar subsidiary, Amplio Solar, has secured a €18 million leasing financing from Unicredit to invest in two solar plants with a total of 4.3 MW in the Province of Medio Campidano, in the Sardinia Region of Italy. This expansion completes the non-recourse project or leasing financing of 28 MW of Amplio Group’s fully operational solar portfolio of 31 MW, with a total investment to date of approximately €140 million.

This latest investment underlines a successful few years for Amplio Solar, a period in which it has added approximately 31 MW of solar photovoltaic (“PV”) plants. Amplio group’s portfolio now reaches across a number of regions of Italy. 20 MW of ground mounted plants are distributed in Sicily (3 MW), Puglia (8 MW), Lazio (7 MW) and Abruzzo (2 MW), and 11 MW of rooftop mounted PV arrays are clustered in southern Sardinia.
Amplio Solar’s growth opportunities in the Italian market follow basically three directions: the acquisition of portfolios of operating assets, the development of several Concentrated Solar Power sites, and positioning in the emerging energy storage space. 
Amplio is also looking to expand out of Italy into selected attractive international markets with strong fundamentals and where the firm has the ability to secure financing with commercial and multilateral banks. The main regions of focus are in Latin America and Japan, where the firm is concentrating on acquiring portfolios of permitted projects. 
Amplio was assisted in securing the financing by Fidimprese S.r.l., a financial advisor specializing in the arrangement of leasing financing with Italian banks.

Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO of Amplio Solar, commented:

"This announcement cements our strong position in the Italian solar power market, which remains an attractive place for solar investment, particularly in concentrated solar power and the secondary market for operating PV plants. We are also looking forward to moving into international markets, where in Japan and Latin America we have identified regions that present us with exciting opportunities to further grow our portfolio.”

Riccardo Segat, CEO and Founder of Amplio Group, commented:
“We have shown that regardless of the economic conditions Amplio is able to secure financing for our projects. Amplio Solar remains on track and focused on our goal of owning and managing a 100 MW business in the near term. We are looking forward to partnering with individual and institutional investors to take advantage of new international opportunities.”

08 August 2012Envirogen and Bigler Associates

Envirogen and Bigler Associates Join Forces Via Acquisition

New Jersey-based Environmental Services Firm Bolsters Envirogen’s Regional Presence and Adds Operational Expertise


Envirogen Technologies, Inc. (Envirogen) announced today that it has joined forces with New Jersey-based environmental services firm Bigler Associates, Inc. – substantially expanding Envirogen’s presence in its Eastern Region and adding Bigler Associates 20+ years of environmental design, construction and operating experience to Envirogen’s national network. Bigler Associates clients include A&E firms, private system owners, potentially responsible party groups (PRPs) for Superfund sites, industrial facilities, municipalities and state agencies. The company provides comprehensive O&M services to over 60 clients - mostly in the New York to Philadelphia area - and has extensive experience at 18 Superfund Sites in USEPA Regions II and III. Founder and principal Dan Bigler has been appointed as Vice President, Eastern Region for Envirogen – a territory that stretches from South Carolina to Maine.

According to Mike Stark, President & CEO of Envirogen Technologies, the similarity of the two companies’ business models made joining forces with Bigler Associates attractive. “Envirogen and Bigler Associates have similar approaches to working with customers. Both companies believe in developing long-term relationships with customers, focus on delivering value through service and make lifecycle cost and performance a central feature of their offerings to the market,” he said. “We are very excited about the addition of the people of Bigler Associates to our team. It represents a significant leap forward in our ability to offer our technologies and services to industrial and municipal customers in our Eastern Region and our entire organization will benefit from the unparalleled experience of Bigler Associates in delivering reliable performance in challenging environmental treatment programs,” he added.


Two Decades of Exceeding Expectations

Formed in 1991, Bigler Associates is an environmental consulting, contracting and service company with offices located in Ridgefield Park, Lebanon and Lakewood, New Jersey. Bigler Associates services include process development and optimization, automation, mechanical contracting, and operation and maintenance (O&M). Project types include treatment systems for contaminated air, groundwater, storm water, sanitary wastewater, industrial wastewater and potable water. The company’s service area includes all of New Jersey, lower New York state, southern New England, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and northern Maryland.
According to Dan Bigler, co-founder of Bigler Associates and newly appointed Vice President, Eastern Region for Envirogen, becoming part of Envirogen sets the stage for a more dynamic approach to meeting customer needs. “Our company is based on solid plant management and operation and maintenance experience with all types of physical, chemical and biological treatment systems. By integrating Envirogen and Bigler Associates, we are providing our customers with the practical, applied experience of plant management and O&M, plus the technology-specific engineering skill sets that both customers and consulting firms look for today. Combined, it allows us to present a different set of answers to the marketplace,” he said. “We’re excited to become a part of a company that has this forward-thinking approach and to having the opportunity to expand our reach into the market with a cutting-edge technology platform. We’re very committed to our customers and feel like this new organization will be able to help us continue to provide top-flight service and to develop new solutions for the challenges they face,” he added.

Mike Stark also spoke about Envirogen’s approach to the market. “Right now, we’re enthusiastic about the response we’ve been getting from various markets to our technology and process development team. Whether it’s the treatment of selenium in coal mining waters or the removal of perchlorate via biological treatment for drinking water supplies, Envirogen is developing new, state-of-the-art solutions based on our technology. But we feel like we are doing our best job when we look to the long term viability and costs of these solutions – and that comes down to having an excellent relationship with the companies and people with whom we work. Today, we’re committed to continuing an excellent relationship with Bigler Associates’ clients and our own, and to developing new and better answers for them in the future,” he added.

01 February 2012Amplio secures €16 million financing

The Amplio Group, a leading international operator and investor in the renewable energy and environmental sectors, announces today that its solar subsidiary, Amplio Solar, has secured a €16 million financing from a leading Italian bank to invest in 7 MW of solar plants in the Italian province of Latina, Lazio. This expansion brings Amplio Solar’s fully operational solar portfolio to over 30 MW, with a total investment to date of approximately €120 million.

Amplio Solar has built and project financed the 7 MW of solar plants in Latina, Lazio, with Rios Renovables of Spain as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) contractor. This latest investment underlines a successful 18 months for Amplio Solar, a period in which it has constructed approximately 20 MW of solar plants, following the expansion of the team in 2010.
Amplio Solar’s portfolio now reaches across a number of regions of Italy. 20 MW of ground mounted plants are distributed in Sicily (3 MW), Puglia (8 MW), Lazio (7 MW) and Abruzzo (2 MW). 10 MW of rooftop mounted photovoltaic (“PV”) arrays are clustered in southern Sardinia, in a high sunlight area where Amplio Solar also expects to build approximately 30 MW of similar additional rooftop PV plants throughout 2012.
Italy remains at least in the short term an attractive place for solar investment, particularly in selected sectors like rooftop mounted PV plants of less than 1 MW and small size residential and commercial plants sectors in which Amplio Solar is already well positioned and moving aggressively.

Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO of Amplio Solar, commented:
"We are excited to announce the continued expansion of Amplio Solar’s business, which strengthens our regional diversification and brings our total solar developments across Italy to over 30 MW. Despite the challenging economic backdrop, we remain confident in the continued growth of Amplio Solar and look forward to reporting further substantial progress, in Italy and abroad, in the course of the year."

Riccardo Segat, CEO and Founder of Amplio Group, commented:
"This latest successful financing achieved in one of the most challenging economic environments is a testament to the strength and strategy of Amplio. While funding across the Eurozone is becoming more scarce, Amplio Solar has succeeded in securing support from our equity partners and strong partnerships with EPC contractors, allowing the continued growth of the solar business. Amplio Solar remains on track and focused on its goal of becoming a 100 MW business."
Amplio Partners

01 November 2011Ambienta injects €16mill into Amplio

Angel News
Date of Publication:
31st October 2011


The Amplio Group (London, U.K.), a leading international operator and investor in the renewable energy and environmental sectors, today announces that its water filtration subsidiary, Amplio Filtration Group, has secured a €16 million equity investment. Ambienta SGR, one of the top five global private equity firms investing in the environmental sector, made the investment through its Ambienta I fund, and this leads to Ambienta SGR becoming a minority shareholder in Amplio Filtration Group.

Ambienta I, started in 2008, has €217.5 million of committed capital and it is ranked in the top five private equity funds globally investing in the environmental sector (2011 analysis on Prequin data). Amplio Filtration is currently delivering double digit growth and revenues of €35 million expected for FY 2011 ((2010: €22 million); (2009: €14 million)).

To date, Amplio Filtration has acquired four companies across three geographies since it was founded by holding company Amplio Group in H2 2009, with the aim of consolidating the fragmented water treatment and filtration process sector. Ambienta's investment will help to accelerate the delivery of Amplio Filtration objectives, which includes continuing to expand the business internationally and to grow it into a €100 million revenue water management company by 2014. Amplio Filtration‟s strategy is to cross-sell technologies and expertise across geographies in order to strengthen growth and deliver an enlarged global footprint.

US-based Envirogen Technology Inc (systems and services for the treatment of potable water, groundwater and wastewater) was the first company to be incorporated, followed by UK-based Puresep Filtration Technologies Ltd and Environmental Water Systems (services and systems for water filtration processes) and most recently Italy-based Fluxa Filtri SpA (distributors of filters and consumables for a wide range of applications).

Amplio Filtration's acquisition pipeline continues to be in niche markets – including the decontamination of selenium in wastewater from mining, the removal of nitrates from groundwater, systems used in the food and beverage, healthcare and oil and gas industries – further expanding Amplio Filtration's cross-selling opportunities, through its vast client base and the geographic diversification of the business, both in Europe and in the US. By cross-selling, Amplio Filtration is well-placed to strengthen its position in the c. US$600 billion global water market. The market is growing at 6-7% in part due to the stricter implementation of existing environmental legislation.
Andrea Davi, Head of Amplio Filtration said:“We are delighted to announce this support and financial backing from such a strong partner in the private equity sector investing in the environmental sector. This agreement with Ambienta further strengthens Amplio Filtration's position in the attractive global water market, which is set to grow by a further 6-7% this year to c. US$600 billion. It allows us to accelerate Amplio Filtration's growth via acquisition and organically through cross-selling our technologies and expertise across the business. Additionally, we now have access to the cutting-edge Italian water filtration market and we are confident that we can continue to expand Amplio Filtration's European and US footprint and achieve revenues of €100 million by 2014.”

Riccardo Segat, CEO and founder of Amplio Group said:“Ambienta's investment marks an important step in Amplio Group's successful growth story, as we continue to consolidate our operational and financial capabilities in the environmental services sector as a whole. Amplio Group's strategic focus over the next five years will remain renewable energy and water treatment, which complements Ambienta's commitment to these sectors globally. We are very excited about the strong organic growth and pipeline of acquisitions for Amplio Filtration in both Europe and the US but also in emerging markets.”

Mauro Roversi, Partner at Ambienta SGR commented:“Over the last three years we have looked at a number of investment opportunities in the sector without finding the right balance of leadership capability, strategic focus and geographic mix. Amplio Filtration offers all of these characteristics. Over the next three years, Ambienta will work with management on identifying and acquiring complementary businesses with the objective of creating an important player on the market.” To date, Andrea Davi's and Riccardo Segat's business has attracted well-regarded industry executives who have brought with them experience from the leading players in the market. Among these executives, Mike Stark – CEO of Envirogen – former Managing Director of Veolia Water North America and one of the leading experts in the sector, was one of the first to support the strategy. Stark‟s move to Amplio Filtration was closely followed by Vince Payne, another high profile figure in the sector, who after managerial roles at US Filters UK, founded Puresep and now heads up the UK arm of Amplio Filtration.


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